About John Mark

Since I received salvation I have been on a mission to share THE GOSPEL. When I started my ministry journey I didn’t have a clue that it would lead to a fashion brand. All I ever wanted was to be used by GOD and bring people to his KINGDOM. By being a willing vessel I was lead to do street ministry in the inner city of Milwaukee, WI. I even promoted JESUS, using night club style promotional flyers to reach people in nightclubs and bars. In the midst of my journey GOD started giving me fashion ideas. I spent years designing, but never led  to create the brand. So I continued doing street ministry and encouraging believers to share THE GOSPEL on various social media platforms. Years later GOD gave me the green light and the rest is history. John Mark-the evangelist who authored the gospel of Mark. Truth-THE GOSPEL. Collection-all the creative designs over the years. John Mark Truth Collection, when ministry meets fashion. Be blessed!!